Lentil Soup with Harissa

There is just something warming about having a pot of soup simmering away on the stove top on a chilly evening. On the weekends, I’m more inclined to spend time chopping and stirring and making an elaborate soup. But during the week, I need something that won’t take forever to prepare. Lentils are something I […]

Holiday Baking

It’s become somewhat of a tradition for me to bake a large amount of Christmas cookies over the weekend and then take the leftovers to work the following Monday. I love baking and love making different kinds of cookies, but there is no way we would be able to eat all of them. My colleagues […]

Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie

My sister had a minor breakdown when I told her I’d be making my pumpkin ravioli for Thanksgiving dinner instead of the traditional meal. She quickly told me all she really wanted was mashed potatoes, green beans and Brussels sprouts. Oh and by the way, for dessert she had found this luscious pumpkin cheesecake recipe […]

Postcard of Strasbourg

After our cruise down the Rhine, we disembarked at Strasbourg. Originally, a boat ride on the river Ill had been planned, but it was cancelled due to flooding. We decided to make our way to the train station on our own and gave ourselves almost 3 hours to walk through the historic center to the […]