ViaRhenana: Day 7

The first six segments of this hike along the Rhine River were multi-day hikes. The first hike was in summer and the second hike in late summer, early autumn. With three segments left, I tried to decide how I wanted to divvy up the last three days. In the end, the weather was forecasted to […]

Autumn Morning

They say the early bird catches the worm. This morning when I opened the shutters, the early morning sun hitting the colored leaves and fog hugging the ground made me want to reach for my camera. I quickly dressed and headed out. It took a while for me to realize why something felt faintly off: […]

A Walk Around Hopfensee

Savor precious moments and commit them to memory. I recently spent a week in Germany. It was both wonderful and stressful as I kept an eye on the list of designated risk areas, first not knowing if I would be able to enter the country and then not knowing if I’d be able to go […]