Postcard from Muottas Muragl

After suffering from cabin fever due to Covid, I spontaneously decided to spend a couple of days in snowy Engadin. The weather predicted sunny but particularly icy days so I packed warm clothes and was off. I specifically decided to spend my time away in a place that would be away from any crowds. Restaurants […]

Never-Ending Snow

It began snowing on a Thursday and didn’t stop until Friday afternoon. It has been many years since we’ve had this much snow and it’s beautiful in every way. As soon as I had shoveled myself a way out of the house and it had stopped snowing, I grabbed my camera and went out for […]

Bachtel Sunrise

After almost a week of overcast days and some rain and snow, New Year’s Eve morning promised to be stunning. Instead of sleeping in I grabbed my camera, donned my winter boots and went out in the biting wind to capture the sunrise. The mountain nearest where I live is called Bachtel and admittedly it’s […]

ViaRhenana: Days 8 & 9

Walking the last two segments of the ViaRhenana was like coming full circle. I had begun the trail at the end of lockdown, and now I was finishing it before another impending lockdown. When I arrived in Bad Säckingen in November, the sun was shining. Day 8: When I started out on the second to […]