Hiking through the Glarner Alps

In early July, before the drought, we took Dutch friends of ours on a hike in the mountains. When I look back at the photos are marvel at how green everything was. There wildflowers were in bloom and there was plenty of sunshine. It was a perfect day for a beautiful hike. From the Garichti […]

Valley of Fire

My mind was whirring as the man from Scotland told me he had just spent 3 days photographing the Valley of Fire. We were in a jeep bouncing around on our way to photograph one of the slot canyons near Antelope Canyon. I had read an article about the Valley of Fire in a Sunset […]

Grafton Ghost Town

The heat is searing when I step out of the car. There is only the whisper of a slight breeze and the lazy chirping of insects. I turn and look around, and at once I am disappointed. After reading about Grafton ghost town, I had high hopes. But the spoiled Californian inside me, who has […]