Never-Ending Snow

It began snowing on a Thursday and didn’t stop until Friday afternoon. It has been many years since we’ve had this much snow and it’s beautiful in every way. As soon as I had shoveled myself a way out of the house and it had stopped snowing, I grabbed my camera and went out for […]

Bachtel Sunrise

After almost a week of overcast days and some rain and snow, New Year’s Eve morning promised to be stunning. Instead of sleeping in I grabbed my camera, donned my winter boots and went out in the biting wind to capture the sunrise. The mountain nearest where I live is called Bachtel and admittedly it’s […]

The Year in Bouquets

This “project” began as country after country closed down. Covid was sweeping across the world and suddenly we were asked to remain at home, unsure of what the future held for us. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to go out, I decided to bring nature in. My eyes became more attuned to the flowers in […]

ViaRhenana: Days 8 & 9

Walking the last two segments of the ViaRhenana was like coming full circle. I had begun the trail at the end of lockdown, and now I was finishing it before another impending lockdown. When I arrived in Bad Säckingen in November, the sun was shining. Day 8: When I started out on the second to […]

ViaRhenana: Day 7

The first six segments of this hike along the Rhine River were multi-day hikes. The first hike was in summer and the second hike in late summer, early autumn. With three segments left, I tried to decide how I wanted to divvy up the last three days. In the end, the weather was forecasted to […]