Wild Garlic Spätzle

Towards the end of winter, I start yearning for greens. I start to tire of potatoes, carrots and other root vegetables and want something fresh and vibrant on my plate. Although winter isn’t completely devoid of greens, I eat my fair amount of kale and bitter greens such endive and radicchio, I still miss the […]

Wild Garlic Pie

Wild garlic and nettles are the first to arrive in spring and are much needed greens after the winter season. Wild garlic, also known as ramps, are a sure sign of spring. When you smell garlic when walking though the forest, it’s time to start picking leaves. Speaking of leaves: in order to eat ramps […]

Wild Garlic Hummus

The first spring greens have arrived and have been happily greeted in my kitchen. When we’ve had enough of carrots, potatoes and root vegetables we long for wild garlic, the first greens in spring. Due to the mild winter, everything is a bit early this year. When a colleague at work said it was making […]