What do you do when you receive a box of macarons? First photograph them, then sit back and enjoy! It seems to me the frenzy revolving around french macarons has died down a bit. For a while they were all over the internet before time moved on to the next fad. I made quite a few during that time, following recipes on Cannelle et Vanille and Tartelette (who has a great tutorial) and coming up with new flavors and combinations. It really isn’t hard to make them, you just need patience.

Three years ago, my cookbook co-author Alex and I, spent an extended weekend in Paris and signed up for a macaron making class at the Cordon Bleu. We had such fun learning the chef’s secrets and making orange macarons.

If you think France is the place to enjoy macarons, think again! Switzerland has some, too. Sprüngli has been making Luxemburgerli since the late 1950’s. While I enjoy the ones from Pierre Hermé and Ladurée, the former being the ones I prefer, I actually would choose a Luxemburgerli over the other two. They are smaller and less sweet, and I like the way the feel when biting into them.

Macarons are too pretty not to photograph, so before dipping into the box, which by the way has a little sticker on it saying “Please enjoy immediately”, I pulled out my camera and got to work. They are so fun to play with!

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