The Garden's Seasons

Whenever the first pear drops to the ground, I feel as if late summer has started and we are quickly making our way to autumn. The past two years, I posted first a recipe for zucchini rolls and then two summer salads. This has been an interesting garden year to say the least. We had a warm spell in April that was followed by harsh frost and snow at the end of the month. We lost a lot and replanted what we could. So there were no cherries, less blueberries than in the past, there will be very few apples and no persimmons. The grapes which we thought had died, actually sprouted again and we now have a few clusters on the vines. We had to replace two artichokes, the pomegranate, corn and a cucumber plant. On the up side, this year will be a record year for jalapeños and was amazing for the berries we’ve had so far.

Here is what is has looked like in the garden the past few months:

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