Walking Along Klöntalersee

We had a beautiful Indian summer filled with sunshine and blue skies before the temperatures dropped. Almost overnight there was frost, the harbinger of winter. We bundled up into our winter jackets and made our way to walk along a well-known lake in the Canton of Glarus, Klöntalersee. The ride up to the lake is through a thick forest which was still golden, the brightly colored leaves either reflecting the light from the forest floor or being filtered through the remaining leaves having on the branches.

The lake was quiet, all the summer visitors gone and the autumn visitors indoors where it was warm. There was the flutter of birds flying and landing on the water, the scurrying of a mouse getting ready for winter and the rustle and crunch of leaves as we walked along the trail.

If you continue up past the lake, there is a spot with a lovely view of the valley, both towards the lake and further back into the valley behind the lake.

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  1. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    It seems like I repeat myself when commenting on your posts. But your photos share so much beauty from Switzerland and other countries you visit, I just can’t help but repeat those words like stunning, beautiful, amazing etc. It’s hard to imagine so much beauty in one place.

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