A Burst of Spring

Spring: that time of the year when the cycle begins again. When bulbs push up their leaves and boast colorful flowers, when meadows seem to go from brown to green within days, when trees are covered with clouds of white and pink blossoms.

This year, spring came late but then let everything happen at once. It wasn’t a gradual arrival, it was an “I’m here” moment. My favorite time of the day is after work, going out for a walk to see the apple trees, to listen to the birds sing and the crickets chirp and to breathe in the air that smells so different than the air in winter.

And then there is that special time at twilight when the sounds quiet down, the light dims and there is that split second before night falls.

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  1. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    How beautiful! Everything looks so green and fresh, I just wish I was there to walk with you and enjoy the amazing gifts that spring brings.

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