Hiking through the Glarner Alps

In early July, before the drought, we took Dutch friends of ours on a hike in the mountains. When I look back at the photos are marvel at how green everything was. There wildflowers were in bloom and there was plenty of sunshine. It was a perfect day for a beautiful hike. From the Garichti water reservoir we hiked up to the Leglerhütte with a panoramic view of the Glarner Alps. From there we made our way down past the Engisee and Chammseeli and back to the bottom of the funicular.

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  1. What a wonderland! I’m surprised your guests ever went home. And this was a day hike? You live in a perfect place.

    1. It was a day hike, and I think our guest would have stayed if they could!

  2. Incredible vistas and so very green! Makes me wish I could jump through my screen and enjoy it live!

    1. The next time you come we’ll have to go up to the mountains.

  3. What a spectacular day hike! I want to go there the next time we’re in Switzerland.

  4. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    Reminds me of the wonderful hike we took in Vals that I will never forget. How I wish I was hiking along side of you seeing these spectacular sights and hearing the glory of the Swiss alps!

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