Grafton Ghost Town

The heat is searing when I step out of the car. There is only the whisper of a slight breeze and the lazy chirping of insects. I turn and look around, and at once I am disappointed. After reading about Grafton ghost town, I had high hopes. But the spoiled Californian inside me, who has placed Bodie up as the ultimate ghost town, has made sure no other ghost town can hold a candle to it.

Grafton was settled by Mormons in the 1860s and was largely a farming community. By the late 1890s most families had left and by the 1920s the town was dead. The last residents left in 1944. There are two buildings which can be entered, and a few more one can see from a distance. I was disappointed that most of the dirt roads were closed off. There wasn’t even the hope of seeing old (farming) machines, something I love discovering and photographing.

Our short visit came to a sudden end when, while I was entranced by the feathery clouds, my husband standing at the gate of the graveyard said we needed to leave right then and there. If we didn’t, I’d have to leave him buried at the cemetery. The heat was about to kill him. I laughed and stepped into the car. It was only in the 90s (around 35°C) and little did he know what kind of heat he’d be experiencing later in the day. He would be in for much higher temperatures!


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  1. Judy Miles says: Reply

    I didn’t know about Grafton, and will be in St. George, Utah in October. Your beautiful photos encourage me to visit this apparently well preserved site. I love Zion in fall!

  2. I like your photos of the clouds and the one of the rustic fence. And, Grafton itself is set in a beautiful valley.

  3. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    Well, even though it was a disappointment, you still got some wonderful photos. I love those whispy clouds. And we know all about the heat! I would have been happy to lend him my umbrella! I bet the parks will be wonderful in October. Wish we could go back!

  4. Beautiful photos! Those clouds are spectacular. Also, had a good laugh about the temps–that’s not nearly what it reaches in those parts daily 🙂

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