Through a Ravine: Tannertobel

Do you sometimes feel like tourists have seen more of the place where you live than you have? You’ll talk to someone and they’ll tell you about the places the visited and you think, one day I’ll do that. But you never do because it’s something only tourists do, or because you’ll keep it for later, or some other silly reason. This summer I finally pulled out that list when my friend Alex visited and we explored Zurich.

After the holidays, my husband and I decided to explore our neighborhood and picked out a small ravine near where we live and went out on a walk. We were the only people there and were excited to explore hidden waterfalls.

We spotted a few herons along the river, one which spread its wings and flew off when it heard our feet crunching some ice along the trail. The most amazing thing was seeing some ivy completely encased in ice.

5 Replies to “Through a Ravine: Tannertobel”

  1. wow! der wasserfall ist aber superschön geworden! und die eisbilder sind auch super!

    1. Danke! Ich hatte auch echt Spass beim Fotografieren.

  2. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    I know exactly what you mean! There are wonderful places to explore right in our own backyards, but we put them aside because we have other things to do like tending to the garden or cleaning the house.
    What a beautiful place you’ve discovered, and so close to home. It looks so peaceful with just the sounds of the water flowing and the crunching of ice under your feet! Just goes to show we shouldn’t pass up something just because it’s “too close or too touristy!”

  3. What a fun find! What’s in the pink building?

    1. It’s a power station. Above the waterfall is a small dam and the water flowing through the turbines in the pink house generate energy.

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