Camellia Festival in Locarno

Every year around the end of March when the camellias begin to bloom, people head to Locarno to visit the camellia festival. Boasting over 950 different camellias, Locarno features one of Europe’s most important camellia parks. Walking through the park, many different languages can be heard. During the festivities there are concerts, stands with information about camellias, an area where potted camellia plants can be bought, and of course a place to buy drinkable camellias, namely tea. Fun fact: only a few kilometers west of Locarno above Ascona, Monte Verità is home to the only European tea plantation.

Holding cups of tea in one hand and our cameras in the other, we walked through the bushes commenting on the beauty of the flowers.  There was no way to decide on a favorite. If I had a greenhouse, I would certainly have a bush or two of my own.


8 Replies to “Camellia Festival in Locarno”

  1. Oh wow!! So beautiful. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!

    1. It was a lovely day.

  2. Kathy williams says: Reply

    Sacramento has many camellia bushes (hint, hint).😊

    1. I know!

  3. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    Oh my…how I would have loved to be there with you! They do have tons of camellias at Descanco Gardens but do you think I’d go the 3 miles there to see them? After seeing your photos I really am going to go!

    1. Yes, do! You’ll be so glad you went.

  4. I love these photos. they remind me so much of our trip to Locarno in 2008.

    1. I was reminded of our trip, too, during my visit.

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