Dead Horse Point at Sunset

Personally, I think being at Dead Horse Point at sunset is the best time to be there. When we visited last year, it was in the early afternoon and the light was glaring. I was looking forward to standing at the edge of the canyon in a softer light.

We weren’t the only people there, which didn’t surprise me, but the big tour buses were just leaving as we pulled up. The people who were there, were there to enjoy the end of the day. There was peaceful talking, a lot of silence and a sense of calm.

Even those who were taking photos did so quietly and with a sense of purpose. Many had brought a picnic dinner and were enjoying it in the fading light. We left while it was still a little bit light knowing we had a long drive back to Moab, and driving in the desert while it’s pitch dark is not my favorite activity.


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  1. Vince O’Sullivan says: Reply

    By amazing co-incidence, I am actually wearing my “Dead Horse Point” tee-shirt as I write this!

    It’s altogether a great place for photography. You’ll be sure to get some cracking pictures.


    1. How funny! It was a beautiful place to photograph.

  2. It looks like Dead Horse Point reveals all its brilliant colors just before sunset and the shadows provide such depth that the images become three dimensional. Great photos!

    1. Thanks! It was a very magical evening.

  3. Meradeth says: Reply

    Oh, the shadows and light and colors! Excellent spot and great photography!

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