Sellamatt Cross-Country Skiing

Every year, a group of my colleagues and I head to the mountains for a weekend of winter fun. The past two years we were in Splügen, and this year we were in Wildhaus. Two years ago I went snowshoeing up at Sellamatt and was keen to return with my skis to follow the cross-country skiing trail through the woods. There was plenty of snow, but the warm sun had melted the snow off the trees. Still, the views of the mountains was fantastic.

Here’s to winter’s last hurrah!

Where to stay:

Hotel Hirschen, Wildhaus: The newly renovated rooms are chic and inviting. After skiing sit in the sauna or in the pool which offers panoramic views of the mountains. Afterwards, enjoy the delicious food served in the hotel restaurant.

6 Replies to “Sellamatt Cross-Country Skiing”

  1. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    Wow…how gorgeous! Seems like all my comments start with…Wow…how gorgeous but it because everyplace you share with your photographs is breathtakingly “gorgeous!”

    1. It was a particularly beautiful day!

  2. Great photos! What a spectacular place for cross-country skiing.

    1. The trail was hilly, but the spectacular views made up for it.

  3. Beautiful sky! Makes me think I could just pop into the frame and ski away.

    1. There is a hiking trail right next to the cross-country skiing trail which you would have enjoyed.

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