Postcard from Unterhuldingen

14 years ago, I visited the open-air museum which features reconstructions of stilt houses from the Stone and Bronze Ages on Lake Constance. Since 2001, these have been a Unesco World Heritage site. I don’t remember much of this visit except that we were herded through and that it was a hot day. I had always hoped to return.

The first buildings were reconstructed in the early 1920s, and are situated approx. 500 m north of where the remains of a stilt house village was found. It’s easy to imagine what an imposing image this village would have made when arriving by boat. Walking through the museum, I marveled at the amazing way these buildings were constructed.

4 Replies to “Postcard from Unterhuldingen”

  1. Grabs a person’s imagination! May need a wee bit of remodeling, but I’d love living in a houseboat on that lake.

  2. Nice photos. I especially like the ones showing the spindly supports holding up the walkways and the buildings. And the water in the lake is so clear.

  3. Meradeth says: Reply

    That is so cool! Absolutely a place I’d like to visit if I ever manage to get back to your neck of the woods. Also, it would be quite a lot of fun to kayak around (if it’s allowed, while being safe of course!).

  4. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    I just realized I hadn’t commented on this post. What a beautiful and interesting place. I’m trying to imagine living in one of those thatched roof dwelling over the water. I love all your photos, makes me wish I was there.

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