Rose Study

While working on my study of tulips in the garden, I was already planing on doing the same for the roses in my garden. I have to warn you, that in the following post not all roses in my garden are represented. This is because I have early and late bloomers. As with tulips, I find one can never have too many. One requirement is, though, it must smell heavenly.

Most species are native to Asia, but some are also native to Europe, North America or Africa. Roses come in a large number of colors and sizes. Some are heavily perfumed and some only very lightly. They are edible and sane be made into jams and jellies, soups, teas, syrups and the well-known rose water used in the Middle Eastern cuisine.

I have climbing, tea roses, wild roses, ground cover roses, and English roses. The colors range from dark red to pink. dusty orange to soft yellow, variegated pink and white to cream. Some are covered in thorns and others have almost none at all. Some are tiny and delicate, others are top heavy an fall over as soon as they start to bloom.


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  1. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    Like your post on tulips, your roses are spectacular. I sure wish I could stroll through your garden and enjoy the beauty and scent of all your different roses. I love all the colors, sizes and shapes and would be so happy with a large bouquet of them. Makes me want to head to the nursery!

  2. These are beautiful photos. You have an amazing, and fabulous, collection of roses with such a variety of shapes and colors. I wish I could be there to take in their aromas.

  3. The photos are so real that I can see the texture and almost smell those roses!

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