ViaRhenana: Day 7

The first six segments of this hike along the Rhine River were multi-day hikes. The first hike was in summer and the second hike in late summer, early autumn. With three segments left, I tried to decide how I wanted to divvy up the last three days. In the end, the weather was forecasted to be nice this weekend, and I thought why not just go on a day hike.

Day 7: The hike begins in Laufenburg and follows the river for 11 km /6.8 mi to Bad Säckingen. I stepped off the bus and into thick fog. Winding down through the old town to the river, I passed some very pretty buildings.

Before long the sun broke through and it turned into a beautiful autumn day. The leaves crunched underfoot and it was perfectly quiet. I’ve noticed that every stage has it’s own characteristics. Something I came across several times during this hike where the fishing huts along the river.

Two and a half hours later, I reached the end of my hike and was surprised to see a long covered bridge spanning the river. It turns out that this is the longest wooden covered bridge in Europe and over 400 years old.

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  1. It looks like you had a perfect day for hiking along the river. I really liked your photos with the morning mist over the water, the views of the wooden covered bridge and the church in Bad Saeckingen along the river.

    1. Thanks! It was a very nice hike.

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