Early Autumn in Lavaux

The times I’ve taken the train which traverses the Lavaux wine region in Switzerland, made me vow I would hike through the vineyards. I had dreamed of hiking though peak foliage, but although I picked out a weekend at the beginning of October it is a bit of a gamble as each year is different. This year the leaves didn’t change until much later. It was still a beautiful hike.

We began hiking in Lausanne, following the trail along Lake Geneva until we reached Lutry, where we stopped for lunch. From there, the trail headed up the hillside and into the vineyards. In 2007, the Lavaux region became a UNESCO heritage site and it’s amazing to see grapevines as far as the eye can see.

The view from the hillside is spectacular- the vines all around, the lake at the base and the mountains surrounding everything. We hiked through pretty villages and caves where the local wine is served. It’s thing to go for a drive and stop for a glass of wine. We didn’t stop for a drink, but we did taste various grapes we passed.

It was a beautiful and very warm day for the beginning of October. Once we reached Rivaz, it was already early evening and we decided if we were going to go for a swim it would have to be then. By the time we checked into our hotel, and went down to the small pebble beach, the sun was behind the mountain and we were in the shade. But we both looked at each other and decided this was it and in we went. It was chilly to say the least, but it felt so good after the long hike in the sun. Rolling over on our backs, we looked up at the vineyards on the hillside that were still bathed in the afternoon sun. A sight to behold!

The following day was chilly and drizzled at times but it was still beautiful. From Rivaz we walked through the vineyards until we reached Vevey. From Vevey we continued our walk along the lake all the way to Montreux where the sun came out for a bit and we sat on a ledge and had a late lunch before heading home.


Where to stay and eat:

Patisserie Vincent, Lutry
Auberge de Rivaz


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  1. What a beautiful place for a walk on a sunny autumn day. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Great photos!

  2. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    Again, the beauty is breathtaking. And once again, I wish I’d been there with you.

  3. Judy Miles says: Reply

    Oh Juliana, you have such an eye…Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Though you travel the world over to find the beautiful, you must carry it with you or you find it not”. You definitely carry beauty with you.

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