Emmental’s Covered Bridges

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had this thing for covered bridges. One of the (most important) things on my list of things to see on a trip to New England several years ago was covered bridges. My obsession continues and whenever I see one my mind shouts “covered bridge”. A couple of months ago I stumbled across a trail in Emmental which follows the Emme and Ilfis rivers and passes or crosses 18 wooden bridges. I knew I had to hike along that trail. Due to the somewhat dodgy weather report I only managed to see 11. The area is known for its many covered bridges, and I have plans to return to see more of them.

Each bridge is unique in its own way. The older ones were built in the 1790’s, the newer ones were built in the 1980’s. Just by looking at them, it’s not easy to tell how old the bridge actually is. These massive constructions are still in use today, although some have been converted to pedestrian bridges while newer bridges have been built next to them for cars and trucks.

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  1. These are wonderful! Look at that blue sky, and grass so green it knocks your eyes out. How I’d love to walk with you in this countryside.

  2. What a wonderful photographic collection of covered bridges. Each one is unique. In addition, the walk along the river looks so beautiful and peaceful.

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