White Cliffs of Rügen

The white chalk cliffs on the German island of Rügen are the lesser-known counterpart to the cliffs in Dover but no less majestic. Since June 2011, the area has been a Unesco World Heritage Site.

It’s possible to walk along the coast beneath the cliffs and enjoy them up close. Some people opt to see them from the sea by taking one of the tourist boats which cruise up and down the coast. Those who walk along the coast are often also on the lookout for amber that’s been washed up during the last storm.

Protected from the wind and in full sun, it was a particularly beautiful and warm walk along the cliffs. I wasn’t the only person out with a camera trying to capture nature’s beauty.


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  1. Very nice photos. It looks like you had perfect weather for walking along the beach. Ruegen is a fascinating island.

  2. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    The beauty of these cliffs is astounding. Each photograph is a work of art and makes me wish I was there!

  3. sehr schöne bilder! ich mag die langzeitbelichtungen!

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