Postcard from Ploumanac’h

The iconic boulders on the pink granite coast were high on my list of places we had to visit on our trip to Brittany. We were extremely lucky with the weather. When we pulled up to the parking lot in Ploumanac’h, it was pouring rain. We even debated buying new and longer rain coats and actually tried some on in a touristy shop near the beach. Luckily, by the time we had decided we neither wanted matching raincoats nor ones that didn’t really fit us anyways, the rain had stopped and we headed out along the coastal path. There were two good things about the rain: it was the typical overcast, wet and windy Breton day and because of that we were virtually the only people out on the path. The walk was every much as beautiful as I had hoped.





2 Replies to “Postcard from Ploumanac’h”

  1. Great photos! I wish I had been on the hike with you.

  2. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    Like your dad, I wish I’d been on that hike with you. What a beautiful place.

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