Val Roseg’s Golden Larches

For the fourth time in the past three years, I’ve returned to Val Roseg. One would think I’ve had enough of it, but I haven’t. I love it for the fact that it’s only accessible on foot or by taking the “horse taxi”, i.e. a cart pulled by horses and that it always looks different. This year the larches were absolutely perfect which is not a given. We hiked in from the west, over the Fuorcla Surlej, and spent the night in Val Roseg before hiking out the next morning. We were a bit disappointed we had only booked one night, but vowed to return next year and stay for two. The photos are beautiful and still they don’t do it justice. The golden light everything is bathed in is so hard to capture.

As we fell asleep, we heard a bellowing stag and the next morning there was a thin layer of hoarfrost which crunched underfoot as we walked out on the valley floor before breakfast.




4 Replies to “Val Roseg’s Golden Larches”

  1. These are stunning photos! Not only are your photos word class. but you chose a perfect autumn day to walk on what may be the most beautiful trail in the Alps, if not the world.

  2. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    I don’t even know what to say, maybe breathtaking, maybe spectacular, but really there are no words that say what these photos make me feel. Each one is a masterpiece! Can I go with you next year?

  3. If Gail goes, can I go too???!!! So spectacular.

  4. Meradeth says: Reply

    What a stunning landscape! I just love the fall colors. I want to join, too 😉

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