Jurassic Coast Path, Day 2

Day two started bright an early and I was very happy I was out early as it was an incredibly hot day. Not a breeze was felt from the sea and the air seemed to be stuck behind the hedgerows. Down one side of the coast and up the other. And again. And again for 10.3 mi / 16.6 km. But the views were worth it.

Even though I was hiking along the coast the entire time, it never become monotonous. I never knew what lay ahead and what the next view would be like. That day was the day of the Jurassic Coast Challenge and while I would never want to run the path in the rain, which would make it very slippery, I felt for the runners and walkers who were out in the heat. I came across many runners with beet red faces who looked like they were about to collapse. I was “only” hiking and was in need of more rests than I usually take.

Day two was one of the more interesting days: the cliffs changed from red to white, I walked across pastures and open areas along the cliffs, saw many blooming thistles, came across grazing sheep and cattle, the path took me all the way down to the beach, over a bit along it and back and up the other side.


I really enjoyed the views that day, and had to chuckle at tourists navigating walking through a cow herd.

To reach the top of the next cliff, I walked along the cliff, slowly gaining elevation and marveling at the views of the white cliffs. It was extremely windy at the top, so I quickly made my way towards Beer, where I knew I’d stop for scones, clotted cream and a pot of tea.

From Beer it was a short walk into Seaton, where I spent the next night. I had planned on walking on the beach, but the tide was up and swimming was also not an option as the waves pounded onto the beach. I had a very good night’s sleep and was up again bright an early the next morning.


Where to stay:

Premier Inn (Chain hotel, but good prices, friendly staff and a very comfortable bed)




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  1. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    I say it over and over about photos from your adventures but breathtaking is the word that always pops into my head. What a beautiful trail along the coast, made me wish I was there!

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