Postcard from Marseille

Marseille surprised me. All I ever heard was: don’t go there, it’s dangerous. But when I started to look into it, I read that the area around the old port had been cleaned up, there were interesting museums to visit and it wasn’t any more dangerous than other large cities. I was intrigued and looking […]

Château La Coste

I had read about the La Coste art museum while doing research but it hadn’t really clicked. While were deciding what to do the next day, I wondered why we didn’t swing by a vineyard and visit a museum while we were at it. It turned out to be much more interesting and larger than […]

Postcard from Rustrel

While flipping through our guide book and making a list of everything we wanted to see, we immediately knew we needed to visit the tiny bit of America’s southwest in France: Le Colorado de Rustrel. During the 18th century ocher was in high demand in the textile industry and many quarries and ochre factories popped […]

Provencal Villages

While planning our trip to Provence, we decided we’d like to spend time in the countryside driving through picturesque villages but also visit cities. The first half of our stay was dedicated to the countryside. We more or less stopped at every village we came to. Either to walk around and stretch our legs or […]