Onset of Winter in Chamonix

The snow was a surprise, but one we all enjoyed. We woke up to fresh snow every morning and spent 3 relaxing days in the small town. One of the places my father wanted to go to during his visit to Europe was Chamonix to see the Mont Blanc. My husband was very excited when he heard about that and soon we booked a place for the weekend. Checking the weather report a few days before we left made us bring warm jackets and rain gear, but we were not prepared to wake up to snow three times. It was nonetheless absolutely beautiful.

The mountains surrounding Chamonix are stunning, sharp and jagged. With the fresh snow on the peaks, the fall color in the valley and fluffy fog in between, my fingers froze as I snapped photo after photo.

We took the cable car up to the Aiguille du Midi to see the Mont Blanc. Unfortunately the clouds rolled in as we went up and, while we had amazing views when at the top, the Mont Blanc stayed hidden.

We also went on a walk through a winter wonderland. First in thick fog and then bright sun which made the snow melt and fall from the trees.

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  1. Great photos. You really captured the wonderful snow and wonderful views we had in Chamonix. That trip is one of my favorites!

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