Autumn Fruits

Every change of seasons has me looking forward to new fruits. Late summer plums are in season and this weekend I’ve been spending time making sweet and sour Italian plums which I will serve later in the season with Raclette. Almost every time my husband and I visit one of his aunts, she serves Raclette. One of his cousins and I will silently eat the whole bowl of plums together and almost fight for the last one. The last time we visited I asked for the recipe. It takes 3 days to prepare them before they can be canned, but each day is only about 15 minutes. So making them is very easy.

The plums that aren’t being canned will be incorporated into sweets. I’m thinking my beloved Zwetschgenkuchen may make an appearance in the kitchen tomorrow. Besides Italian plums, I also picked up some pretty pink plums which are unusually sweet right now.

Once I had put plums and grapes into my shopping basket, I came across a small punnet of figs. I never buy figs here and after tasting the most delicious figs on my trip to Apuila last year, I vowed never to buy another fig here again. But there was something about these small figs that had me putting them in my basket. And it certainly wasn’t the price! These are actually fine tasting little figs. I was pleasantly surprised and happy.

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