In and Around Winchester

After a very inspiring conference, making new acquaintances and seeing old friends, we went on to enjoy Winchester’s history and explore the nearby countryside. It may seem a bit macabre to some, but we walked through this cemetery every morning on our way to the conference and I looked forward to it. It was peaceful, the light was beautiful and I wondered about the stories those lying there would be able to tell.

Winchester has a long and important history. The area around present day Winchester has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and in Roman times it became a capital and was also the largest city in Roman Britain. Winchester never really lost its importance, being the first capital in England and housing the oldest public school in the United Kingdom. Perhaps the reason why many travel there is to see the one of the largest cathedrals in Europe, or could it be to see the famous Round Table?

Winchester is a charming town with plenty of brick buildings to photograph, and I loved looking for new things to capture.

The cathedral definitely was the highlight in Winchester. We were there right when they opened and were lucky to have the place to ourselves for almost an hour before the first visitors joined us.

The conference dinner event was held in Portsmouth on the HMS Warrior. Before we settled down for dinner, we took a tour around the harbor, past General Nelson’s boat the HMS Victory and the HMS Illustrious which was decommissioned the day we were there.

On Sunday after the conference, we decided to enjoy the sunny day and head out to the country side. There was an old rail road track with running steam engines, so we decided to take a ride on the “Watercress Line”. The views of the Downs from the train were beautiful and it was fun to see the hissing locomotives.

Where to stay:

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Gifford House, a bed and breakfast in a beautiful old house. The room was tastefully decorated and quiet, the hosts very friendly and the breakfast was delicious.

Where to eat:

There are plenty of pubs to choose from in Winchester! Here is a list of my favorites.

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