Ravine Waterfalls: Wildbachtobel

Following the lovely walk through the Tannertobel after the Christmas holiday, we ventured out on New Year’s Eve for another walk through a ravine, this time the Wildbachtobel. We enjoyed exploring our “backyard” so much, we decided to see what else there was to discover.

This time the planned walk turned into an all-day hike as we got stuck taking photos, then took an unwanted detour and had to trudge through snow. But all’s well, ends well, and we got to see some beautiful waterfalls.

3 Replies to “Ravine Waterfalls: Wildbachtobel”

  1. You’re so lucky to have such a wonderful place close by so that you can go for a day hike.

    1. And there are many more in the area we need to check out!

  2. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    So beautiful and close to home too. But then the whole country has endless beautiful places to explore. Yes, I agree with your dad, you are very, very lucky! Those waterfall pics are fabulous.

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