Postcard from Mainau Island

Visiting Mainau Island on Lake Constance is always a special treat. In need of a small getaway, I asked a friend if she’d join me to spend the weekend in Meersburg. The last time I was there was in autumn and I looked forward to visiting in summer. There were many more tourists there, but we dodged them by going to Mainau Island very early in the morning and spending the afternoons swimming in the lake.

The planting and designing of the gardens on the island began in 1853, when Grand Duke Frederick I of Baden bought the island and made it his summer residence. It’s a beautiful place to get lost in and something is always in bloom.



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  1. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    Oh my goodness! What a wonderland of beauty. I sure would have loved to have been there with you strolling through the gardens, oohing and ahhing everywhere we looked. Those flowers, WOW…just gorgeous. Thank you for taking us on a tour of this beautiful island.

    1. There are so many interesting plants and lots of old favorites to see. I’d love to see all the peonies when they are in bloom.

  2. Meradeth Houston says: Reply

    What a place to visit! Looks like a little piece of heaven and a wonderful place to get away to 🙂

    1. It truely is!

  3. Great photos showing the incredible variety of flowering plants with just about every color possible. What I remember most about my only visit years ago were the amazing huge and colorful rose bushes.

    1. The rose bushes are still there and as beautiful as ever.

  4. I’m sure Fall is wonderful, but good Lord, those summer flowers are eye popping!

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