Postcard from Nymphenburg Palace

Nymphenburg Palace has been on my list of places to see for many years. On a recent trip to Munich a couple of weeks ago, I decided to visit. I opted for the combination ticket in order to be able to see the palace as well as the four pavillions scattered around the park. It was a humid day and at the end of the three hours I spent there, it began to rain.

Although the palace was spectacular, I especially enjoyed my stroll around the park and visit to the other buildings. Away from the crowds, it was quiet and I could hear nature as mice scampered through the forest, squirrels ran up and down trees and deer jumped through the high grass.


4 Replies to “Postcard from Nymphenburg Palace”

  1. Meradeth Houston says: Reply

    Oh my, what opulence! The frescoes are really amazing, and I think I like the blue tile best@

  2. I really like your photos of the interiors. What a rococo masterpiece!

  3. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    Oh my gosh…only one word needed, BREATHTAKING! I can’t begin to wrap my head around people actually doing all that intricate work in the castle rooms, how on earth, I don’t know!
    The grounds are beautiful and look so peaceful. Great photos!

  4. Great photos! What a lesson in excess and artistry. The work put into those rooms is mind boggling. Hope you had a very good time in Munich.

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