Stevens Klint Coastal Path

South of Copenhagen is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Stevens Klint, one of the best exposed Cretaceous-Tertiary (K/T) boundaries in the world. Without a car it’s a bit difficult to reach, but it’s possible to hike there along the coast. An hour train ride, changing trains once, takes you to Rødvig and from there the approx. 8 km flat trail leads to along the coast, high up above the cliffs to Højerup. In Højerup, where the protected area of Stevens Klint is, you can see the old church which was built in 1250. But nature does its thing and in 1928, the choir fell into the sea, 30 m below.  There are many lookout points along the way and some interesting places to stop at. These include the old limestone quarry and the Stevensfort Cold War Museum. There are also places to go down to the rocky beach and marvel at the cliffs from below. It was a beautiful sunny day and the air was filled with the perfume of wild roses. There is no public transport connection in Højerup so be prepared to walk the 8 km back to the train station in Rødvig.

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  1. So schön! Da waren wir auch als wir vor Jahren von Norwegen nach Hause gefahren sind! Ich mag diese weißen Klippen!

  2. This looks like a great walk along a very interesting coastline.

    1. It was very pretty and peaceful.

  3. Meradeth Houston says: Reply

    Sounds like a nice hike! Those ruins and landscapes are amazing.

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