Postcard from the Stazerwald

To ring in the new year with a dose of sunshine, we headed over towards St. Moritz for the day. We walked through the forest of Staz and the pretty Lej da Staz, which was of course frozen. From there we walked across the frozen Lej da San Murezzan (Lake St. Moritz) to the train station. In the shade of the forest it was bitterly cold. As we sat on a bench drinking hot tea in the sun, we watched people dressed in fur, some from head to toe, walk by.

Short but sweet!

4 Replies to “Postcard from the Stazerwald”

  1. It looks like you had a beautiful winter day in the Stazerwald. Could this also be a good location for cross-country skiing?

    1. Yes, it is possible to go cross-country skiing here.

  2. Beautiful shots from what looks like a wonderful place to visit! Also makes me long for spring–we’re expecting nearly two feet of snow here over the next few days and I’m really ready for sunshine!

  3. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    How I wish I was there with you to see this gorgeous wonderland in person. But your photographs are so fabulous, I almost feel like I was! I loved them all but the icy covered tall grass was one of my favorites. It looks freezing cold but such a stunning sight would warm anyone’s heart!

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