Postcard from Zuoz

Canton Graubünden is one of my favorite cantons, and I go there whenever possible. It was easy to decide to go there for the weekend when looking for a place to go cross-country skiing. Not only are there many options there, it is also utterly beautiful. This time we stayed at the Swiss Historic Hotel in Zuoz.  It was built in 1500 and is one of the oldest hotels in Switzerland.

We arrived at night as it snowed and the next morning we were told that it snowed over 70 cm, and it continued to snow the entire morning. We didn’t let that deter us and strapped on our cross-country skis. But skiing in snow and wind isn’t really very pleasant, and the snow stuck to our skis and made skiing nearly impossible.

The good thing about being out while it snowed was that no one else was on the trail and it is wonderful to be able so ski on your own.

Zuoz is also a worth stopping at and walking around as there are plenty of pretty buildings in the village to look at.


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  1. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    Oh my! What a beautiful sight, freshly fallen snow, tree branches covered in white powder and a blue sky peeking through clouds above. It looks and sounds like heaven. The hotel looked wonderful too! Another amazing adventure and a fun weekend!

  2. Oh, Juliana, these photos make even me want to get out and play in the snow! Okay, mostly I’d stay in that lovely hotel, but I’d ski some to earn my hot chocolate. It’s truly a winter wonderland and I trust you had an excellent time.

  3. Very pretty! The red-suited guy on the pink wall gave me a giggle 🙂 Sorry to hear the skiing wasn’t the best, but it certainly made for pretty pictures!

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