Bachtel Sunrise

After almost a week of overcast days and some rain and snow, New Year’s Eve morning promised to be stunning. Instead of sleeping in I grabbed my camera, donned my winter boots and went out in the biting wind to capture the sunrise.

The mountain nearest where I live is called Bachtel and admittedly it’s not that high (1115 m/3658 ft). But because there aren’t any other mountains in the near vicinity it’s prominent and the view from the top is fantastic. I started out during blue hour because I wanted to see the sunrise on the way up and because come noon, the clouds were forecasted to roll in.

The trail winds in and out of forests and over open pastures. Even though I was walking on the eastern side of the mountain and in the sun, it was cold due to a stiff wind. It felt warmer once back in the forest, and in the shelter of the trees, while I hiked up to the summit. I spent as little time as possible at the summit as it was bitterly cold and windy. But oh, the view was magnificent!

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  1. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    Oh Juliana, it sure was worth getting up at the crack and venturing out in the bitter cold wind to capture that beautiful sunrise. Wow…you sure went on a major hike and it sure was spectacular.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty that surrounds you to bring us joy on the first day of 2021!
    Happy New Year…much love.

    1. It was a beautiful ending of 2020. Happy New Year to you, too!

  2. Now I know why you like to take the trail to the top of Bachtel. You’re so fortunate to have such a beautiful place nearby for a wonderful sunrise walk. What fantastic views! Nice photos!

    1. Thanks! It was a beautiful hike.

  3. You’re made of sturdy stuff!! And you were rewarded. A thermos of hot chocolate would be a nice touch next time. Beautiful photos that really convey the icy beauty of Swiss winters.

    1. So true!

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