Never-Ending Snow

It began snowing on a Thursday and didn’t stop until Friday afternoon. It has been many years since we’ve had this much snow and it’s beautiful in every way. As soon as I had shoveled myself a way out of the house and it had stopped snowing, I grabbed my camera and went out for my usual walk. But there was nothing usual about it this time. Snow up to my knees on some parts of the path, a tree which has been leaning precariously for a few years now finally succumbed to the weight of the snow and fell over, branches scattered every which way. And then there was that silence which comes when the world is covered with a thick blanket of snow. Bliss.

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  1. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    WOW…seems like my comments always start with WOW! What a beautiful walk, I can imagine the silence and then the crunch of your boots as you walked along the trail. Your photos are wonderful, I hope you had a delicious mug of hot chocolate when you got home and a nice fire to warm you.

  2. You may have to trade those two useless cats in for some sled dogs! That’s a whole lot of snow. You’re so wise to gear up and get out in it—early. I second the hot chocolate recommendation of your Aunt Gail.

  3. Fantastic winter photos! I especially like the ones in which the tops of the large horizontal tree branches are covered with a layer of snow. What a wonderful walk in the woods you had!

  4. Oh Juliana, your photos provide a beautiful winter wonderland and a wish to share your walk! So enjoy your photos!

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