Breggia Gorges

When I heard about the Breggia gorges near the Italian border, I could hardly believe how interesting they  looked. Since I was headed to Ticino, I knew I had to plan in a day there to explore along the river. I spent a fair amount of time crawling down to and around the edge of the river but the photo ops were to to good to pass up.

The area is a designated geological park and there are many signs explaining various geological features which can be seen from the trail.

Right before the beginning of the gorge, the remains of an old cement plant can be viewed.

Then the river begins to flow quicker and the rock formations become more interesting.

The segments along the river vary geologically and farther back into the gorge the types of rock change.

The loop trail heads up into a small village and past an interesting red church built in the 14th century before snaking back down to the trail head.


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  1. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    You must have been in photo op heaven! Seems like I always say the same things about your posts like WOW, amazing, fantastic, unbelievable, beautiful, and so on! This gorgeous gorge is all that and so much more. I’m so glad you heard about it and got to experience the real thing. It truly is one of earths wonders!

  2. The rock walls of the gorge are amazing and truly unique. I really like the variety of rock surfaces, but I did notice that, though different, all involve parallel lines. What a great place for photos!

  3. Oh my, incredible beauty, and I love your architectural eye; you capture angles that are so appealing. Lucky you to have been there, lucky us to vicariously travel to the best parts!

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