Postcard from Locarno

Early in the morning I headed down to Ticino to enjoy some much needed sun. I spent a few hours in Locarno, first heading up to Madonna del Sasso for the view of the city and Lago Maggiore. The hike up in the midday sun was strenuous but worth it. Hardly anyone was up there probably because most were enjoying lunch and a glass of wine on the main square.

Instead of having my lunch on the main square, I opted for a peaceful spot under a huge tree next to the lake. From there I could let my eyes wander across the lake and do some people-watching at the same time.

After lunch I decided to grab a gelato and then head down along the lake to the camellia park. Every year a camellia festival is hosted there, highlighting all things that have to do with the plant, including camellia sinensis, more commonly known as tea. I have visited the festival once before, but I highly recommend going at a different time and enjoying the peaceful garden without countless other people. This year everything is a bit later than usual and I was very lucky to still be able to see some of the flowers. Many were already done blooming, but there were still a few very beautiful ones to enjoy.

5 Replies to “Postcard from Locarno”

  1. Judy Miles says: Reply

    I’m using your last photo for my next zoom background…as always, your photography is brilliant! I’m grateful to be included in your visual gifts!

  2. Locarno is so lovely! And your photos make it incredibly appealing. I’d be eating lunch on the square, but you made the better choice of hiking to the view. And there was sun!!

  3. Aunt Gail says: Reply

    Another splendid adventure to a beautiful place. And once again I wish I’d been with you. The camellias are so pretty!

  4. Such wonderful photos! I especially like the architectural ones, but also the views of the lake with the snowy mountains in the background. And, you were so lucky to have a sunny day and to still be able to enjoy the beautiful camellias.

  5. Gelato, exquisite views and beautiful camellias! Your photos bring everything to life for us unfortunates not on this quest with you!!

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