Postcard from Pizol

My list of hikes I want to go on seems to grow by the month. The dreary and wet summer put a damper on my grand plans for this year’s hiking season, but looking back, I actually was able to go on some hikes that have been lurking on that list. The very popular hike to five lakes up in the Pizol area was one that had been sitting on my list for several years. On a blustery October Saturday we headed up and around all five of them. Due to the wind, the last chair lift wasn’t running so we ended up hiking a bit more than planned. Still, it was a beautiful hike and due to being so late in the season and with an unstable weather report, there was hardly anyone out and about. It was a perfect day for the hike.

2 Replies to “Postcard from Pizol”

  1. So starkly beautiful! We’re watching Lord of the Rings right now, and your photos look as if they were taken out of the movie—except there aren’t any cauldrons of poisonous gasses, and nary an ork to be seen🤣😂.

  2. What an amazing landscape! So different from any other place I’ve seen in the Swiss Alps. Now I know what a tarn looks like. I would really like to take that hike.

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