ViaRhenana: Days 1-3

We were a couple of weeks into lockdown when one of my oldest friends sent me a picture with the note “Do you remember this hike?” I looked at the photo and smiled. It was taken on our hike through the Dolomites three years ago. I answered saying that I was thinking about another long-distance […]

Rose Study

While working on my study of tulips in the garden, I was already planing on doing the same for the roses in my garden. I have to warn you, that in the following post not all roses in my garden are represented. This is because I have early and late bloomers. As with tulips, I […]

The Million Dollar Highway

In the morning after a delicious breakfast at Jean Pierre’s French bakery in Durango, we head north through the San Juan Mountains, along what is called the Million Dollar Highway. As we drove through the mountains, gaining elevation, the air became clearer, the vegetation lush and green and the peaks higher. The highest pass, Red […]