Hiking Levadas in Madeira

Apart from seeing all the flowers, the main reason to visit the Portuguese island of Madeira is to go hiking, particularly along levadas, i.e. irrigation channels which bring water from the wetter regions of the island to the drier. On our last trip to Madeira 8 years ago we didn’t see much of the island […]


A while back, I was gifted a bunch of tulips. I consider tulips to be beautiful even once their petals have turned papery. Before taking them out to the compost heap, I took a few photos.

Wild Garlic Pie

Wild garlic and nettles are the first to arrive in spring and are much needed greens after the winter season. Wild garlic, also known as ramps, are a sure sign of spring. When you smell garlic when walking though the forest, it’s time to start picking leaves. Speaking of leaves: in order to eat ramps […]

La Gomera

Our second week on the Canary Islands was spent on the second smallest island of La Gomera. Just as when we arrived in El Hierro several days earlier, it was dark when the ferry docked in San Sebastiàn. We drove along winding roads and through thick fog until we reached where we were staying on […]