Wild Garlic Pie

Wild garlic and nettles are the first to arrive in spring and are much needed greens after the winter season. Wild garlic, also known as ramps, are a sure sign of spring. When you smell garlic when walking though the forest, it’s time to start picking leaves. Speaking of leaves: in order to eat ramps […]

La Gomera

Our second week on the Canary Islands was spent on the second smallest island of La Gomera. Just as when we arrived in El Hierro several days earlier, it was dark when the ferry docked in San Sebastiàn. We drove along winding roads and through thick fog until we reached where we were staying on […]

El Hierro

This year we decided to head to the Canary Islands again to soak up the sun and go hiking. Our first stop was the smallest and youngest in the archipelago, El Hierro. Three years ago we visited La Palma, the greenest island of the Canaries. This time we wanted to visit two other islands, El […]

Ode to Artichokes

My love affair with artichokes began when I was very small. I can’t remember a time I didn’t eat them. I remember pestering my mom to make them and it was a treat when she did. She’d marinate them and we’d scratch our teeth along the leaves, olive oil dripping down our fingers. The heart […]