About half a year before my trip to the US, I was listening to NPR and happened to hear about Lotusland, a large garden in Santa Barbara. It sounded interesting and after looking it up online, I asked my aunt if she had ever been. She answered she hadn’t even heard of it and would […]

Sicilian Caponata

This year’s hot and dry weather has caused the garden to explode earlier than it usually does. When I returned from picking everything that was ripe, I realized that I had all the ingredients for caponata. Caponata is a Sicilian dish similar to the Provençal dish ratatouille which also features eggplant and tomatoes as the […]

The Garden's Seasons

Whenever the first pear drops to the ground, I feel as if late summer has started and we are quickly making our way to autumn. The past two years, I posted first a recipe for zucchini rolls and then two summer salads. This has been an interesting garden year to say the least. We had […]