Larches in the Sun

It’s become somewhat of a tradition of mine to go to the Engadin in mid-October. It’s a welcome break before the holiday season begins, and I love the colored larches. Although you never quite know how vivid they will be. This year everything was a bit later than usual, but no less beautiful. One of […]

Early Autumn in Lavaux

The times I’ve taken the train which traverses the Lavaux wine region in Switzerland, made me vow I would hike through the vineyards. I had dreamed of hiking though peak foliage, but although I picked out a weekend at the beginning of October it is a bit of a gamble as each year is different. […]

Pragelpass Hike

I was reading one of my favorite blogs for hiking inspiration when I came across this blog post and instantly liked the photos of the area. After a bit of research, I found a hike in the area that would take me across Pragelpass- from one valley (Muotathal, Canton Schwyz) to the next (Klöntal, Canton […]